Technological Health Interaction

Technology is not something new, but the way we utilize it is. Computers are getting smaller and people are getting larger, an epidemic that seems to be taking over America. Obesity is an issue and it is not a new one, but it is one that is still considered a taboo subject. People in general are afraid to address the issue of weight. Technology gives people the ability to address the issue of weight in their own privacy. There are numerous applications, phone messaging systems, and social media that can be utilized in the battle against the bulge. Technology advancements are literally paving the way for a new age of health monitoring and review.
Through numerous studies conducted over time there is a clear understanding on how technology can change the way people look at their health. When looking at a study on Social Media use in the United States, it showed that the younger generation was more likely to use social media. These ages ranged from the age of 18-24. As adults get older they are less likely to use social media. The forms of internet that the individuals used varied from social networking, blogging, and online support groups. It was found that people that were older, stressed, and had health issues were more likely to turn to the online support groups instead of the social networking and blogging. Also in this study it was discovered that people that had the internet were more likely to have no experience with cancer and rated their health at a higher level. The people that did have experience with cancer, the study found that if they had the internet they were more likely to be a cancer survivor. Now this suggest that the people that had cancer were more likely to survive because they had the ability to look further into their cancer treatment, compared to someone that just had the doctors word to go by.
Knowledge is power and how the individual uses that power could make a real difference in their life. Technology allows the average individual the ability to have knowledge at their fingertips, and this is referring to applications. Applications are made for just about everything now and most importantly there are applications for exercise and weight loss. Now can applications really help a person become healthy? A study was done to quantify the presence of health behavior theory construct in iPhone applications that targeted physical activity. During this study they use the constructs of four prominent theories of behavior change in their coding instrument. The theories that were used were the health belief model, the theory of reasoned action/planned behavior, the trans-theoretical model, and the social cognitive theory/social learning theory. This study was trying to show the possibility of behavior change through applications. The applications that contained more content within them actually had a better shore behavioral score compared to the others. The applications that contained more content were also priced higher than the other applications. Therefore showing that the individual really gets what they are paying for. The more that the individual is willing to pay on the application increases the odds that it will help them succeed with their individual goals. Applications still have room to grow and improve like any other form of technology, the system has not been perfected yet. If a health and behavior change expert would partner with an application developer to actually incorporate behavior change theories, then they really could create an application that would change people’s lives. At this point most of the applications that are on the market are lacking in theoretical content. However, this is not a surprising find because most developers come from all different kinds of backgrounds.
Now studies have been shown that social media interventions may be able to improve pain with chronic pain patients and enhance weight loss management. When the year 2012 came around seven billion people had access to over 1 million applications. These applications have been downloaded more than 18 billion times and social networks have increased in productivity. As stated earlier people are starting to turn to looking online for help when it comes to weight loss and medical information. Sometimes people do not have direct access to a doctor, and having the ability to look online for the information that they need is a great resource. Applications also have the ability to allow individuals to track weight and other things like calorie intake. This provides a great motivational tool and allows the individual to stay on track to their weight loss goals. They are able to do this by being able to log their calorie intake right on their phone, therefore making it easier and convenient to keep track. The old fashion way to keep track of calories was by using a paper diary, and now they have the easy convenience of it being available in the palm of their hand. This also makes it less likely to quit keeping track because of the simple convenience. Social media has changed the way people get motivation to stay with their goals.
Another way to stay motivated to complete goals in through constant reminders. It is easy to move on and forget about goals unless there are constant reminders telling the individual what they need to hear. A study was done to test the usefulness of SMS interventions. The participants found that receiving a message daily helped them stay on track with their diet. It provided them with constant support and motivation to keep doing what they doing to keep on the path to their goals. The participants that received the phone call preferred to just get the SMS message instead because it was convenient. This is also the preferred method of communication because it is fast and simple. It only takes a second to read a message, but when you have to answer a call it could take a lot longer and the subject can go off topic. Getting a message sent directly to their phone provided a safe feeling learning environment. It was personally directed message to them, but it also takes away the awkward feeling because weight loss is a touchy subject. SMS shows promise in helping people start and sustain healthy behaviors that can lead to improved health outcomes. Constant reminders throughout the day, or just one message a day can really impact how someone goes through the rest of the day. Therefore getting a simple message to just remind a person of their goals, calorie intake, and motivational insight can drastically improve their chances at success.
When people listen to a podcast they are more likely to make one healthy change in their life. This is just another step that technology is changing lives. Podcasts seem to be an effective way to deliver health information to people. It is found that when people listen to podcast they are more likely to take in the information that they are given. However with podcasts there is no guarantee that the information that they are receiving is the correct information. For example if they get advice on eating a low calorie diet, it might not be the best advice for that individual. Podcast work thought because it is easy to get information to people that are busy because they can listen to them at any time. This means that they could listen to them in the car, on the way to work, at the gym, or in their home. It allows them to continue on with their day as they usually would but allowing them to obtain information through listening. This has been proven to keep the person motivated on what they are trying to achieve.
Technology is constantly evolving, and the way people utilize it is constantly changing as well. One day one kind of technology is in and the next day something new is coming out. Trends are always changing and how people get their information is too. Podcasts might work well for one individual, while a weight loss application works well for another. The technology discussed in the review shows that people are seeing an improvement in their lifestyle because of these applications, however some work better than others based on the individual. It is clear that there is room for improvement with these technologies, but it is also clear that they are giving the individual what they demand, and that is a personalized system for them.


We need to push for a healthy weight.

When you look at Roman art and literature the women that are depicted having wide hips, a full abdomen, and small breasts. During the Renaissance time period women were shown as being full-figured. What was considered attractive during the renaissance time would probably be considered overweight by today’s standards. If you look into the Victorian era the women during this time were extremely body conscious. The smaller the waistline the more attractive they were. Then in the 1920s women tried to hide their curves. Having a boyish figure was sought after. When the 1950s came along women aimed to have that hourglass figure, which was made popular by movie stars. The 1960s women obsessed with becoming rail thin like the popular model Twiggy. Since the 1960s women continued to obsess with being skinny until the new millennium. Today women and men are still expected be skinny and fit, but more people are trying to change the image.

Jennifer Lawrence

Yes we still live in an era where being thin is in, but being plus size is a pushing trend. I now see more magazines and shows that promote plus sized women. As a society there is a struggle on what should be portrayed as healthy. Unfortunately, I think that there is not a happy medium being shown yet. Actresses like Jennifer Lawrence, in my opinion show a healthy weight. This push for plus size is not healthy, but the push to be rail thin is not healthy either. We need to push for more of a healthy size. We need to show our youth that you should be a healthy weight. Teaching them that being plus size is okay is not healthy for them. Yes you are helping them with their self esteem because they see bigger girls in the magazines and in movies, but is this hindering them. If they consider their overweight self as sexy, then is their higher risk of diabetes and heart disease also sexy? Stop pushing that it is okay to be overweight and start pushing towards a healthy weight. There is a difference between a curvy woman and a clearly overweight woman.


The paying it forward movement is inspiring to so many people, I am one of those people. That is why I started to think on how I can pay it forward, and how I can help others do the same. Right now Non-Profits are suffering because it is harder and harder for people to donate money. Plus the government is trying to control tax breaks that are given to the ones that donate, therefore making donations less.

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October is Here!

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Vegan Apple Muffins

Apple MuffinThese Vegan Apple Muffins are simple to make and they taste delicious. It is a healthier alternative to your average muffin.


Dry Ingredients:

2 1/4 cups whole wheat flour

1/2 cup brown sugar

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 tablespoon baking powder

1 teaspoon cinnamon

Wet Ingredients:

2 cups Original Almond Milk

3 tablespoons grapeseed oil

1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract

Last but not least:

1 apple, peel and cut into 1 cm cubes ( I used a Gala Apple)


1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees; grease the muffin tins.

2. Mix dry ingredient in a large bowl.

3. Mix wet ingredients in a separate bowl.

4. Add wet and dry together and mix. Batter will be lumpy.

5. Mill in the chopped apple.

6. Pour into muffin tins and bake at 400 for 20 minutes.

7. Enjoy!!!


Stress is something that we all experience. We stress about our jobs, school, events, and more. Big events can be extra stressful, for example I am getting married this next year and I moved 3 times in 1 year, one of the moves was across country. On top of all of this I got a divorce, a new job, and I started school. Needless to say I was really stressed out. Stress affects us all and it has negative effects on our bodies. It can cause tense muscles, it can prevent us from thinking clearly, and it can have a negative impact on our ability to relax. We all have experienced stress so you know what I am talking about. So what do you do to de-stress? When I am stressed out it takes me down the roads of bad habits, eating sweets, having an extra glass of wine at night, and mentally shutting down because I cannot not think anymore. It is as if my brain stops working because it is over worked. So over the years I learned to sit down take a breather and calm down. That however stopped working for me. I started to get anxiety to the point it felt like my heart was being ripped out of my chest. If you have ever experienced anxiety you know that it is a scary experience.

Bliss has helped me tremendously when it comes to controlling my stress. Bliss Anti-Stress Formula helps promote relaxation without causing you to get sleepy. It also helps maintain a healthy level of both serotonin and dopamine, therefore it helps enhance and stabilize your mood. This helps your body adapt to stress and increase your mental clarity.

Bliss has helped me cope with my stress, it is not a magic pill that makes the stress go away but it makes it so that my body can handle it better. I have a friend that takes it because when she is stressed out her body gives her a cold sore. Since she has started to take it not only does she feel less stressed, but she no longer has cold sores. Sometimes we need to understand that our bodies need help with certain aspects and stress is one of them.